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Do I need a lawyer to make a will?

Do I need a lawyer to make a will?

‘Do I need a lawyer to make a will?’

This is a common question.

The short answer is, no, you don’t technically need a lawyer to make a will. But it’s usually advisable.

Otherwise, the will might be legally invalid or cause a will dispute.

Poorly drafted wills can cause conflict, delays, increased costs and tension between family members.

We see a few common issues when people try to make their own will.

Including not signing the document properly, not getting the will witnessed property, trying to bequeath assets or part of an estate that they don’t own, and making requests that can’t be fulfilled.

Yes, there are DIY will kits and online ‘make your own will’ websites. But it’s usually best to have a lawyer make your will.

An experienced will lawyer can also advise you on any tax issues you need to consider when drafting your will.

To effectively record your testamentary wishes, we recommend that you seek a qualified solicitor to draft your will.

Heckenberg Lawyers are expert will and estate lawyers who have specialised in this area of the law for over 25 years and have a proven track record of success.

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